Parenting Is Scarier Than Halloween

It’s Halloween, be safe in the knowledge that being a parent far scarier than anything else you will see on the streets this evening.

Man vs Mommy

The first time you meet my mom, she will undoubtedly disclose my most embarrassing moments within the fist thirty seconds of saying “hello.”  Among her arsenal of mortifying stories from my childhood are two that reflect what an absolute, total coward I am.  The first- when I was three my Dadie (grandpa) took my brother and me to see E.T.; the minute that freakish little alien came onto the screen I began screaming and would not stop until I was carried out of theater.  And the second- two years later- at five, the parent of a friend took me to see Ghostbusters, despite my mother’s protests.  Mom had to sleep in my room, holding my hand, for seven months following this blessed event.

My overwhelming fear of horror movies continues to this day; even now I will cover my eyes when I see a preview for The Ring or The…

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One thought on “Parenting Is Scarier Than Halloween

  1. Yup! My day began with me threatening to cancel our Halloween trick or treating playdate if she didnt listen & follow instructions. I reminded her of the previous outings that have been cancelled because she didnt listen. Serenity now.

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