Top 25 Reasons My Toddler Might Not Be Ready To Get In The Car

Top 25 reasons why Man is not ready to get into the car:


  1. One of the bedroom doors inside the house is still open.
  2. His car seat straps were twisted last week.
  3. Lady is not coming with us.
  4. Lady is coming with us.
  5. The mail hasn’t come yet.
  6. There is another little boy outside.
  7. His jacket zipper is touching his neck.
  8. He wants a fresh diaper.
  9. He wants a pull up instead.
  10. The Velcro on his shoes isn’t aligned perfectly.
  11. The car isn’t on yet.
  12. The car has already been turned on.
  13. Laurie Berkner will not be at our final destination when we arrive.
  14. He disagrees with the route I have chosen.
  15. He wasn’t allowed to open the car door by himself.
  16. Justin Bieber is on the radio.
  17. He would prefer to sit in the front seat.
  18. The porch has a leaf on it.
  19. He’s not done doing the YMCA.
  20. His hat feels sideways.
  21. He hasn’t kissed the dog goodbye.
  22. His shoes are too tight.
  23. His shoes are too loose
  24. The car smells.
  25. His hand has a mark on it.

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