Oral Attachment

“Binky,” “boppy,” “paci,” “lovey,” “fuzzy.” Whatever we call them; most babies/toddlers have some sort of object that they are orally attached to.  It helps to soothe them, aids in sleep, and entertains them.  It can be an invaluable help to parents when all of our attempts at soothing having already failed; calming and occupying our babies when we are ready to rip out all of our hair from the excessive crying and whining.  Man has a “fuzzy”, it’s one of those Angel Dear animal heads with the blanket-like body coming off of it.  We have three, and keep two in rotation at all times; one for the car and one for the crib.

Man used a pacifier for about 3 months but never really took to it.  However, he is highly addicted to his fuzzy, it’s his baby crack.  We love it when the little tiger (or lion or hippo) calms him down, and he happily takes to his “fuzzing”.

Fuzzing (verb): the act of stuffing as much of a fuzzy as possible into the oral cavity, while avoiding choking, and fiercely sucking at the same time.

Describing it in words does not do it justice.  I simply cannot properly explain what he looks like with half of this thing  stuck in his mouth, his little jaw is suck-suck-sucking away, his eyes rolling into the back of his head like he is high on cotton.  Sometimes he performs “hands-free fuzzing”, where he lays flat on his back, most of the fuzzy already stuffed into his mouth, arms and legs in an Iron Cross pose and jaw moving swiftly in a clockwise motion.


"hands free" faceless fuzzing

We don’t have a lot of car toys to entertain Man while we’re driving; we just have fuzzy!  Fuzzy provides endless hours of entertainment while driving in the car… or at least about 40 minutes.  For the most part, Man will happily fuzz while staring out the window…until last week.  His new favorite car game is to throw fuzzy out of the car seat just out of his reach and scream at the top of his lungs until I retrieve it for him.  When we are driving on suburban roads, while mildly annoying, it is not that difficult.  At the first stop light I find I put the car in park, take off my seat belt, twist my body in a way that it highly objects to, and toss fuzzy back into the car seat.  (All the while I’m praying that the light does not turn green causing traffic to back up while angry drivers give me the finger as they go around my parked car, which is, of course, what I would do if I noticed the car in front of me at a green light was in park.) However, often we are on highways, most of them narrow with twists, turns, only 2 lanes, and no shoulder.  When Man tosses fuzzy aside on a highway it’s torture.  I’m 5’ 3”; my arms are short, and there is just no way I can get to fuzzy while simultaneously driving without causing a major accident.  I can see headlines now: “Mom causes 5 car pileup on Saw Mill Parkway; claims ‘She was trying to get fuzzy so toddler would stop crying’; Her sanity is being investigated by experts at Bellevue.”  I’m seriously considering safety pinning it to his clothes while we drive, though I’m sure he would get the safety pin open and gouge his eye out…or just pin his thumb to the seat.

Car fuzzing

Whatever the specific object is, it seems all of our babies have something they cannot live without.  God help us when they get to the age where it’s just unacceptable to have them and we have to take them away.

What’s your baby’s crack??

One thought on “Oral Attachment

  1. Binoo Bear and Special Bear. They are two stuffed bears that are identical except one is white and one is brown. Binoo Bear lives at our house, Special Bear lives at the sitter’s house. Occasionally the bears have sleepovers together and that makes Lukie very excited!

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