Mommy Vs Daddy

I am constantly reminded of how different mothers and fathers are.  It’s not intentional; it’s just in our genetic makeup.  Here are the top 10 ways in which my husband and I differ in our parenting techniques:

1)      When Man trips and falls flat on his face my first instinct is to run to him, scoop him up, and snuggle him until he feels better.  My husband’s reaction… to point and laugh hysterically.

2)      When Man gets a cut or a bruise I periodically put ice or Neosporin on it.  My husband asks me to take pictures and send them to him so he can show off how “tough” his kid is to his coworkers and friends.

3)      I let Man run around and frantically follow him while attempting to change his diaper.  My husband puts his knee across Man’s chest and holds him down with mild force.  (As a side note, it’s not that I disagree with his technique, I am just too scared to do it.)

4)      When Man cries I coo and cuddle and try to get him to stop.  My husband mimics him in a louder—and more obnoxious—high-pitched, whiny voice, thus escalating the level of noise to virtually intolerable.

5)      I quietly play with Man and his toys on the floor.  My husband throws him, bounces him, and tosses him around like a ragdoll.  He likes playing with his dad MUCH more than playing with me.

6)      I take lots and lots and lots and LOTS of pictures of Man.  I don’t think my husband has ever independently taken one, and he definitely makes fun of me when I do!

7)      I spend time picking out Man’s outfits, especially for special occasions.  When my husband dresses Man we are lucky if the outfit actually fits and matches.

8)      We both have potty mouths.  However, I have been trying to curb the cursing now that Man has started to talk.  My husband thinks it will be cute if Man starts saying things like “shit” and “asshole”.

9)      I worry.  I constantly ask questions like, “Do you think Man talks enough?” (despite the fact that I am a speech therapist by training and already know the answer), “Do you think his walking is age appropriate?” and “Do you think the fetus is ok?”  His answer is always a very honest and empathetic, “Yes”. Then he walks out of the room and goes back to whichever game he was watching on TV.

10)   My husband thinks that male children are the only acceptable form of offspring.  I, on the other hand, am praying that the fetus inside of me is female!!

Don’t get me wrong, my husband is no idiot and he is a wonderful father.  Though our techniques may be different, we agree on general parenting principles.  We balance each other out and together I think we make one really great parent!

What do you and your husband do differently??

7 thoughts on “Mommy Vs Daddy

  1. I LOVE THIS POST!! We are so different – hysterical! My husband manhandles them, throws them around, and while I wince they crack up. My husband “forgets” to feed them lunch. And he still doesn’t know how to dress them in matching clothes. Ever. Ever. Ever.

  2. I love #8! It is exactly me and my husband. At 16 months old my hubby taught and took a video of DS saying “Uncle Cory is a dick smack.” Then proceeded to post it on Facebook and tag his brother in it. Yup, that’s what I’m dealing with.

  3. Vivi’s has officially replaced the oh-so-cute “Uh-Oh!” when she drops something with “Oh Shit!” I have full blame for that one, I can’t even pretend it is Michael.

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