I Even Gross Myself Out!

I have heard that each pregnancy is different.  So far the major difference in this pregnancy (besides the overwhelming morning sickness) is my appetite. 

I can remember thinking while pregnant with Man, “This isn’t so bad, I’m not eating too much!”.   This time around all I can think about day and night is food, food, and more food.  The hunger is unparalleled.  I wake up in the morning and the first thing I have to do is eat.  I wake up in the middle of the night and I must have a little nosh before going back to bed (though in my defense eating in the middle of the night helps keep the morning sickness at bay). 

It’s not just the amount I’m eating; it’s what I am eating as well.  I don’t roll over at 2AM and grab an apple. I eat a donut, or Starbursts, or gummy bears, and I wash them down with a nice swig of ginger ale.  I don’t wake up in the morning and have my usual whole wheat toast and cottage cheese; I eat last night’s leftover beef Lo Mein. And the daytime between isn’t much better!

My husband is scared of me (and I certainly don’t blame him).  He knows that if he doesn’t approach me with a food offering then he shouldn’t come near me at all.  He will tentatively hold out a piece of Challah toast, lathered in full fat cream cheese, and slowly back away before even attempting to speak.  Only when he sees that the offering was taken, accepted, and enjoyed does he say what he needs to say.  Just the other day he went to the store to buy me a rotisserie chicken as a mid afternoon snack.  I heard the car door slam and, like Pavlov’s dog, I started to drool.  A few minutes passed and he had not come in with my food.  I went to the window and saw him chatting with the neighbors, my chicken sitting idly on top of the car.  I sprinted out the door like Flo Jo and snatched up the chicken.  “You know you need to bring me the food before you do anything else, babe”, I yelled.  The neighbors are now scared of me as well, I assume. 

Never let a hungry pregnant woman go to the supermarket unattended!  I took a list; I tried to stick to it, but as I strolled through the aisles I could not help but grab a few additional treats.  By the end of my shopping trip I had added snack packs, frozen pizza bites, chicken nuggets, multiple kinds of ice cream, two different kinds of hummus (because the hummus we already had was apparently not the right flavor), and various other disgusting treats.  I even bought Weight Watchers meals, my attempt at being “healthy”.  However, I didn’t buy the usual entree selection: I bought Swedish meatballs, tons and tons of Swedish meatballs.  They were delicious (though I highly doubt I would say that if I was not pregnant). 

At this point, I even gross myself out!

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