Getting the Shaft or Reaping the Benefits?

Top 10 Ways Baby #2 Already Gets the Shaft:

1)      He/She will never have “alone time” with mommy and daddy.  Man has gotten our undivided attention, whereas, the next one never will.

2)      Coffee, pasteurized cheeses, and deli meats:  For the first pregnancy I was very anal about what I put into my body, now I am much more relaxed. A turkey sandwich here, a cup of coffee there, what harm can it do??

3)      Hand me downs:  Whether it’s another boy or a girl it will wear Man’s hand me downs.  They are going to be too close in age and clothes are just too expensive to buy this one its own wardrobe.  I will feel particularly bad about this if it’s a girl, but hopefully, one day, she will get over it.

4)      He/She will always be just one step behind Man.  Being only a year and a half apart #2 will completely understand when Man gets to learn to ski or play golf, have big boy sleepovers, go to school, learn to drive, etc. and will be told they will have to wait just one more year.

5)      Constantly being referred to as #2 or “the second baby”:  My husband has already dubbed it “Man 2”, automatically relegating it to second place (and making it a boy even though we don’t know the gender).

6)      Possibly formula only:  Breast feeding was such a terrible experience for me the first time around that if it does not work immediately I will not go through the same physical and emotional lengths to do it again.

7)       Getting the crappy room:  Man’s room is bright and airy, the other bedroom is smaller, darker, and a little more cavernous.  We are also much less willing to buy the “fancy” crib and bedding.

8)      Mommy and daddy will just be that much more tired:  I am already more tired and run down during this pregnancy, I fear that this will only get worse once he/she is born.

9)      Toys are Toys:  Much like the clothes, he/she will play with Man’s old play mat, swing, trains, etc.   Male or female, we will not be buying more toys.

10)  Mommy might not have as much time to make other mommy friends with kids his/her age:  I was able to work hard to make many mommy friends with babies Man’s age.  This will be harder with #2, as Man will not yet be in preschool and I will not have as much time to dedicate solely to him/her.

Top 5 Ways Baby #2 Will Benefit from Being a Second Child:

1)      Mommy and daddy will not have to learn the hard way; we are seasoned parents now and will not have as many “Oooops” moments.  Like the time we did not secure the baby gate properly and Man slid down the stairs… moments like that will just not happen.

2)      He/She will have an awesome playmate.  Man is pretty cool and will make a great big brother… we hope!

3)      More lenient parenting:  Man will be the first to drive or go on a date.  I suspect once #2 gets to do these things we will be much less uptight… unless it’s a girl!! 

4)      He/She won’t have to wait in many situations.  For example, Man will have to wait to go to Disney World until #2 is ready!! 

5)      Love, Love, and more Love!!  We are already a happy, loving family, he/she will only be adding to that love and helping it to grow even more!!! 

No matter what, there are pros and cons to being the first baby and the second one!!!!  However, they will both be equally loved and cared for!!!

3 thoughts on “Getting the Shaft or Reaping the Benefits?

  1. Perfectly listed! You forgot one thing in your what baby 2 gets shafted with. No Pictures. Well, some but the first of everything has already been overdocumented you’re a bit tired by the second. I think third and fourth children don’t exist in photo albums at all – lol!!

    • Jen, my husband will be glad to hear that, he thinks I take too many pictures. I tell him exactly what my mom used to say to me, “One day you will look back at them and thank me!”
      Oh- and I think we will be stopping at 2!!

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