Oh The Games We Play!

Top Ten Entertaining Man Games:

1)  Beat Mom and Dad

– Man has decided that it is thrilling to use any and all toys to hit his mommy and daddy over the head.  This can keep him entertained for hours.

2) Chase

– Not your typical game of chase, it’s more like “Run after Man as he crawls away”…typically with some sort of non-food item in his mouth.  A second version; run after Man while he crawls away without a diaper and try to catch him before he pees on something.

3) Open/Close

– This is when Man likes to lock you in a room by opening and closing the door as fast as he can.  You think you can get out and then he swiftly slams the door in your face.

4) Inspector Gadget

– Man flattens himself on the floor like a pancake and wedges himself or his hand under…well, anything, and then pulls out the dirt that lies underneath.  Favorite places to “inspect”, under the fridge, under the stove, next to the toilet bowl.

5) Scream

– Man and mommy take turns screaming at the top of our lungs. I let him win because he’s my kid, however, I’m positive I’m better at this! 

6) Couch Run

– Man spends hours crawling back and forth on the couch like a rabid animal pacing in a cage.  It’s weird, but I think he likes feeling the soft faux suede on his little legs…

7) Climby Climby Climbpuss

– The name pretty much speaks for itself.  Man likes to climb on everything regardless of the danger factor.  I find him on top of activity tables, closed toilets, windowsills (he works hard to build a network of pillows to use as leverage from the couch for this special maneuver), his daddy… Anything that he can wedge his little foot on and pull himself up onto.

8) The Food Throw

– Chucking food from the dreaded high chair as far as it goes… And finding it later to eat it.

9) Bite

– A particular favorite, Man shoves your fingers in his mouth and bites as hard as he can.  Now, Man is the only 11-month-old I know that only has two bottom teeth, but it still hurts like H E double hockey sticks!!!

10)Name That Stinky

-Is it another poop? Did he spit up in the corner of the room when mommy wasn’t looking? Is it a piece of that melon I fed him a week ago Thursday? With this game, the smell may dissipate but the fun never does!

What are some of the games your little one likes to play??

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