FEH! A Good Alternative to No

“Feh (interj.): Indicates disapproval or displeasure: Feh, don’t touch that dirty thing.

This Yiddish word was emblazoned into my brain at a very early age; my mother said it constantly so my brother and I would not put random non-food items into our mouths.  She even claims that it was my brother’s first word… she must have said it a lot!! 

As you can see by the definition, it is the perfect, most concise way to say, “Don’t even think of putting that gross piece of  **** in your mouth!!!!”  I mean it’s even an “interjection”, an exclamation by definition; “The part of speech that usually expresses emotion and is capable of standing alone.”  Yes, when said with the correct prosidy it can stop Man’s hand in midair on the way to his mouth.  Of course, that doesn’t mean he finds a way to sneak it in his mouth a minute later.   I can see it now, Man with a piece of dog food in his mouth… “FEH!”  Man with the dog’s chew toy in his mouth… “FEH!”  Man with the dog’s tail in his mouth… “FEH!” You see where I’m going with this.

It’s better than saying, “NO!”  Don’t the “experts” say we should use terms like “danger, stop, and hot” to stop our little ones from getting into trouble?  This helps to give discipline a more positive spin.  Saying “no” too much appears to be bad for the long term mental health of the child (and to give him one more thing to complain about in therapy sessions).  I can understand why: “No” is a powerful term; it is absolute.  Isn’t it better to teach our children the reason why we might say no, as opposed to just giving the command and expecting them to follow it without question?  I know when I was a kid if I heard “No” it really meant, “let’s do it anyway and in a bigger and more audacious manner!!!”

Hang on. Gotta go. Man’s licking the bottom of the birdcage. FEH!

Share some of your alternatives to, “NO”!

4 thoughts on “FEH! A Good Alternative to No

  1. Hehe… I’m pretty famous for letting loose a guttural AAARGGHHHH!!! Which, of course, my four-year-old has begun copying! LOL I’m not sure whether to be disturbed or amused when I hear him doing this in the EXACT same tone of voice I use.

    Anyway, I didn’t see a Google Friend Connect widget on your blog so I’m liking you on Facebook! I love blogs that can make me laugh! Oh crap… my daughter just overturned her juice box and shook the entire contents all over the carpet! AAAARGHHHHH!!!!! *sigh*

    I write a humor blog too… it’s pretty good for a chuckle, and sometimes even a snort or two! I’d love for you to stop by!

    Looking forward to reading more from you!

    Smiles, Jenn

    • Hi Jenn, I have no idea why the blog marked this as spam! I LOVE your blog as well!!! Laughing is the only way to get through this thing called motherhood!! Check out my husbands take, he did a guest blog for me today.
      I also follow you on FB and twitter!! Look for a new blog layout soon, a lot of ppl have commented that they “can’t find” one thing or another on the blog site!
      Thanks for your support!


  2. Love it! Until you said that, I don’t think I realized I made that noise a lot when my boys were younger, and they completely understood what it meant! sigh… unfortunately when I say no they don’t seem to listen either. I must have diluted the word along the way – lol!

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