I Go Running For the Shelter

By no means is this blog meant to sound like a complaint. I understand how lucky I am to be able to stay home with my son.  This having been said, there is a fine balance between living in total bliss and feeling absolutely stir crazy.  In reality, my new job is to be at the beck and call of a ten-month-old every minute of every day… very fun and very challenging; but I admit that I need a little help sometimes.

The term “desperate housewife” is nothing new. It was popularized back in the early 2000’s with Terri Hatcher, right??  I never really understood it. How desperate could staying home and lunching with the gals all day really be?  I have a clear understanding of it now: To fill those hours when Man sleeps there are plenty of chores to do around the house, but when those are the only hours that I have solely for myself I tend to become selfish and shun the household responsibilities that are expected of me.  I choose to do other things like shower and eat in peace… and Facebook. 

You all know it; you see me do it; I see me doing it; my friends and family have casually addressed it…I Facebook too much!!  It has become the “mother’s little helper” of sorts for this desperate housewife.  There are many hours to fill when Man and I are not on the go.  We play and laugh and play and laugh and play and laugh.  Then I let him play and laugh and play and laugh on his own, of course keeping a close eye on his games.  So what I do to take the necessary mental vacation from being intensely focused on Man’s play sessions? I go “running for the shelter of [my] mother’s little helper…”

It’s quick and easy; it only takes a second to pop on and post or read some status updates.  If I’m lucky, I get the thrill of seeing someone comment on MY status update.  Then Man finds trouble and I’m offline… but oooh, I see I have an e-mail alert that someone commented one of my thousands of Man photos! Must get back on quick to see what was said!  And on and on the cycle goes.

I update my status; I do it a lot.  I post things about Man; I do that a lot too.  I’m a stay-at-home mom now, what else do I do all day other than follow Man’s wild urges?  I really do try to vary the posts to include other things I find interesting in the world around me.

Here however, is what I don’t do:  I don’t “check-in” or anything like that. No one needs to see that I have just arrived in my kitchen.  I don’t post those “today is Tuesday” or “it’s raining” posts: Great, thanks for the notification.  How about those people who just bought a tractor on Farmville?? I often get 20 of those status updates at one time.  (What is Farmville anyway? I know the company that makes it is worth about a zillion dollars; what I don’t understand is why people spend real dollars to buy “virtual” products.)  

Then there are the “You Tubers” – you know, the people who post 100 music videos or clips of dogs talking like humans.  I also love people who only focus on political posts: Yes, we know you hate Michele Bachmann. That doesn’t make you unique.  My personal fave, though, are the people who “look but don’t touch”; they read and see everything written on Facebook but NEVER post or comment.  That’s just plain stalker behavior people!!!

I understand that there are many out there who may think I post too often, but these people don’t understand that posting is both a break from reality and a connection to the real world outside of my playpen, echem, I mean my house.  And besides, wouldn’t the world fall off its axis if I stopped!?

Maybe my iPad is to blame; so slim with its glossy screen; so many apps to choose from, so easy to carry around the house…my preeeeeecious.  It enables Facebook to have the entertainment of TV* with the portability of crack cocaine.

In the end we all have a use for Facebook.  Why else would it have infected the entire world? Some of us use it; some of us abuse it… I know which category I fall into. 

*As a side note, daytime television lost its appeal after month 3…

2 thoughts on “I Go Running For the Shelter

  1. This post made me laugh. Im with you. I have been basically stuck at home for two years with 2 under 2. My break is I put them both in the car for a ride to the beach.

    New follower from Bloggy Moms

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